Barnes dropping bottle, 30mL

Borosilicate glass (meets USP Type I standards). The bottle comes with a glass applicator rod and glass cap. The cap is ground to the shoulder of the bottle to form a tight seal. The lower portion of the rubber bulb forms a tightly fitted stopper.

Average drop size is 46 µl.

Bottle with stopper: 35 mm dia. x 103 mm high; 30 ml capacity.

Bottle without a stopper: 33 mm x 33 mm x 72 mm.

Autoclaveable: The bottles can be autoclaved with either dry heat or chemicals.; the bulb and the pipette can be autoclaved in gas only.

Ideal for applying mounting media. 

Store at room temperature

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 21-05-2024
EMS64215-01 Barnes dropping bottle, 30mL Bottle Pack/6 See above $70.00 AUD
EMS64215-55 Barnes dropping bottle, 30mL Replacement bulb and pipette Pack/10 See above $65.00 AUD