Aqua hold pap pen (EMS)

Antigen tests. Liquid-repellent slide marker pens for staining procedures; 5mm pen tip assures broad band to retain fluids. The liquid blocker pen is very resistant to PBS, TBS, and TBST in immuno-staining procedure.  Used like a paint pen, you just draw a well on a slide. The barrier creates the proper surface tension to hold aqueous solutions such as costly antibody and other valuable specimens.  After application, the barrier material is insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Each pen holds 13ml of long-lasting material, making hundreds of wells. Red tint distinguishes the well drawing on the slide to easily view.

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  • Shake well before use
  • Push tip of the pen gently to saturate
  • Draw the circle wider if necessary

Circle can be removed with xylene.

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