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Alumina powder, gamma, Type DX

EMS's Alumina Powders are accurately controlled for all specs and particle size distribution, assuring you the best polishing results. The following micron sizes are available: 0.05, 0.3, and 1.0.

Typical applications are:
* Precision Optics
* Metallographic Sections
* Electro-Optical Crystals
* Silicone Wafers
* Ferrite Components
* Gem Stones
* Acrylic lenses

Type DX Alumina Powder is specially treated to reduce the number of agglomerates (group of particles in each grade of manufactured alumina). The result is fast polishing and improved quality of the finished products.

Type N Alumina Powder is recommended when these improvements are not necessary.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 08-12-2021
EMS50361-01 Alumina powder, gamma, Type DX 0.05um 453g 2 weeks $143.00 AUD
EMS50361-05 Alumina powder, gamma, Type DX 0.3um 453g 2 weeks $143.00 AUD
EMS50361-10 Alumina powder, gamma, Type DX 1um 453g 2 weeks $143.00 AUD