A concentrated, biodegradable, powdered precision cleaner for manual and ultrasonic cleaning.

Applications: Laboratory glassware; Environmental sampling equipment; Tissue culture apparatus; Healthcare instruments and medical devices;Pharmaceutical process equipment; Food and dairy surfaces; Optical substrate preparation; Protective equipment contamination; Metal and plastic precision parts; Glass and ceramic surfaces; Helps to decontaminate radioactive surfaces.

Store at room temperature - 2 year shelf life

Manufacturer: Alconox

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Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 16-04-2024
M030 Alconox 50 x 14g See above $221.00 AUD
M030-2 Alconox 1.8kg box See above $171.00 AUD
M030-3 Alconox 9 x 1.8kg box See above $1,074.00 AUD