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Acetone vaporiser kit

The Acetone vaporiser kit includes everything needed to clear slides for PCM analysis.


  • Heat control and thermometer built into vaporiser unit
  • Padded carrying case protects equipment and supplies
  • Enough supplies for the analysis of ? gross of slides
  • Lightweight but sturdy built
  • Designed in strict compliance with the NIOSH 7400, 7402 or ORM requirement for preparation of microscope slides for PCM analysis


  • Acetone vaporiser with built-in heat control, temperature gauge, and cool cover; 2 oz acetone; ? oz triacetin; ? gross microscope slides; cover slips; tweezers; micro-dropper; syringe; #10 scalpel blade,; pre-cut foam padding; durable plastic carrying case with handle; instruction manual.
  • Dimensions: 34?" L x 4?" W x 2?" H (Vaporiser) 13" L x 11" W x 4" H (Kit Box)
  • Material: Plastic case, ABS plastic cover on vaporiser, clear plastic bottles, metal and plastic tools
  • Weight: 2 ? lbs. (Vaporiser), 8 lbs (complete kit)
  • Finish: Black Vaporiser cover with grey cord. Case colour may vary.
  • Replacement items available separately.
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