Temperature controller

This temperature controller (model 6795PR) is designed to take the guesswork out of controlling liquid temperatures on the digital display

For use with:

PC-400D, PC-600D hot plates and 

PC-420D and PC-620D stirring hot plates.

  • Controls the temperature of liquids up to 200°C in vessels on top of the Pyroceram heated top of Pyroceram heated top
  • Increases accuracy and repeatability by controlling liquid temperature not top plate temperature
  • When in use, the controller icon on the display well be lit and the temperature control on the unit can set from 5 – 200°C.
  • CAUTION: A 200°C setting when using 6795PR does not mean that the top plate is at 200°C. Top plate temperature could be as high as 550°C
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EMS72351-22 Temperature controller Each 2 weeks $402.00 AUD