Sym-Collidine buffer kit (DG)

A very stable buffer, used with Osmium tetroxide; provides excellent fixation, better stability and buffering capacity. The pH can be adjusted by varying the amount of hydrochloric acid in the final volume of 200 ml. Preparation Instructions: Pour 9ml of 2N HCl; add 5.34ml of Sym-Collidine, mix well and add distilled water up to 200 ml for a pH 7.4 solution. 

N:C(CH3)CH:C(CH3)CH:CCH3   CAS #108-75-8   F.W. 121.18
Bennett & Luft., Biophys & Biochem. Cytol., 6,113 (1959).

Technical data sheet


Set consists of:

  • 1 amp 5.34ml Sym Collidine
  • 1 amp 9.0 ml of 2N HCl
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EMS11500 Sym-Collidine buffer kit (DG) set 2 weeks $70.00 AUD
EMS11510 Sym-Collidine buffer kit (DG) 5 sets 2 weeks $209.00 AUD