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Static Master, Model 3C500

Eliminate static electric charges, and remove dust, lint and other foreign particles in one quick operation. StaticMaster contains Polonium210 element' which emits low energy alpha particles. Alpha particles are non-penetrating, stopped completely by a thin sheet of paper or a few inches of air. By ionizing the air in the immediate vicinity of the film, lens, etc., a conductive path is provided through which the static change is safely and effectively grounded.

The 3" model cleans large areas quickly and effectively. Its brush is retractable to just a desired length making it perfect for use with 4 x 5 or smaller film formats. It is also handy for cleaning enlarger condenser lenses, film holders, and other large surfaces. While the active element is 2" wide, in one stroke it actually eliminates static across a 4" area. For cleaning very large areas, such as 8x10" films, two or more 3" StaticMaster may be joined together with easy-to-install StaticMaster Connectors are available separately.

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