SEM aluminium mount amray -1000-1200-1400

We have now expanded our Specimen Mount section due to the increased demand for us to offer more of a variety. To make your SEM work easier and save you a great deal of time searching for the right mount, we now offer you a complete line of specimen mounts. * Aluminum Mounts - Made from ultra-pure aluminum. The more popular mounts are available in two grades of finish: standard and polished (luster). - Standard finish: lathe finish; economically priced. - Polished finish: A cloth polished finish which produces a smooth and luster surface. * Carbon Mounts - Spectroscopically pure Standard head - Head 12.7mm x Pin dia 3.1mm FOR USE WITH AMRAY 1000 / 1200 / 1400

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-05-2022
EMS75140 SEM aluminium mount amray -1000-1200-1400 Pack/10 2 weeks $26.00 AUD
EMS75150 SEM aluminium mount amray -1000-1200-1400 Pack/50 2 weeks $85.00 AUD
EMS75160 SEM aluminium mount amray -1000-1200-1400 Pack/100 2 weeks $152.00 AUD