Satin cloth labels, sheet

These labels withstand dry ice, liquid gasses, deep freezes, acids, oils, greases, salt water, fresh water and soap. Their finished surface may be marked with pen, pencil, or felt marker. Pressure-sensitive   adhesive sticks to practically any surface or shape.  Intended to adapt to a wide scope of laboratory procedures.  The labels are provided pre-cut on protective backing paper. Each label is punctured making it simple to remove the label from the roll.

These labels are available in an assortment of sizes. Labels ⅝" in width come in sheet form only; all other sizes come on rolls of 1000 labels.

Code Title Label size Pack size Availability Price Updated: 12-08-2022
EMS77030-01 Satin cloth labels, sheet 15.8x25.4mm (5/8x1in) Pack/1000 2 weeks $116.00 AUD
EMS77030-02 Satin cloth labels, sheet 15.8x50.8mm (5/8x2in) Pack/1000 2 weeks $116.00 AUD