Repetitive syringe with tips

Syringe dispenser with replaceable tips offers a fast and accurate way of dispensing multiple doses of a set-volume. The volume delivered is determined by the volume-selector-dial and the size of the syringe chosen. A chart comes with the unit to help you to choose the size of syringe, volume, and the number of dispenses. 

  • Quick-change syringes
  • Varying syringe sizes allow for dispensing 27 different volumes of liquid
  • Ergonomically designed for handling comfort with less fatigue
  • Excellent accuracy and reproducibility
  • Autoclavable syringe (except for the 60.0mL and 3.0mL syringes, which are not autoclavable)

The set dispenses 21 different volumes up to 58 times without refilling, with an accuracy of +/- 1.5% or better depending on the size of the syringe. 

All syringes are autoclavable, except 60mL size.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 04-07-2022
EMS72482 Repetitive syringe with tips 0.6mL Box/100 2 weeks $331.00 AUD
EMS72483 Repetitive syringe with tips 1.5mL Box/100 2 weeks $266.00 AUD
EMS72484 Repetitive syringe with tips 6.0mL Box/100 2 weeks $227.00 AUD
EMS72485 Repetitive syringe with tips 15mL Box/50 2 weeks $237.00 AUD