Permount mounting medium (DG)

A toluene-based synthetic resin mounting medium. The right choice for both rapid mounting and long term storage of slides. Its low viscosity allows for a thinner mounting layer offering better optical quality and bubble-free preparations.
It has a refractive index of 1.52, which is near that of a fixed protein and this helps to keep images free from distortion. Ideal for mounting coverslips to slides with thick or thin specimens. Permount preserves most biological stains with little or no fading when the slides are stored in darkness. It contains an antioxidant to prevent the formation of annular rings and its high softening point of 155°C makes it suitable for microprojection.

Store at room temperature

IA019 - Safety Data Sheet 

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IA019 Permount mounting medium (DG) 100ml See above $148.00 AUD
IA0195 Permount mounting medium (DG) 500ml See above $304.00 AUD