Unique Cone-Shaped Storage Racks For Easy Sample Viewing

Organise Easily view, organise and track up to 46 tubes including 24 tubes 0.5 to 2.0 ml, 14 tubes 13 ml, 7 tubes 15 ml, and 1 tube 50 ml.

Durable Constructed of durable polypropylene and autoclavable

Stackable Use the Stacking Adapter to double available bench space

Freezable Turn the rack over and fill with water for freezing. A non-slip rubber bottom (included with each NovaChamber) keeps the water/ice contained for a portable ice chamber rack.

Moulded numbers - For easy sample tracking, each rack has molded numbers.

Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 29-06-2022
EMS61610-1 NovaRack Red Each 2 weeks $102.00 AUD
EMS61610-2 NovaRack Teal Each 2 weeks $102.00 AUD
EMS61610-3 NovaRack Yellow Each 2 weeks $102.00 AUD
EMS61610-4 NovaRack Pink Each 2 weeks $102.00 AUD
EMS61610-5 NovaRack Purple Each 2 weeks $102.00 AUD