mPrep/g grid processing capsules

Each capsule can hold one or two TEM grids safely for staining, immuno-labelling and labelled storage. Grids are shielded from loss, misidentification, and harm. Grid-tite slots keep grids safe regardless if an open capsule is dropped.

Grids require handling only twice: when inserted into capsules and when placed in the TEM.

Using a multi-channel pipettor, handling up to 24 grids at the same time requires no more effort than a single grid. Reagent usage is as little as 20ul per grid. The possibility of grid damage or loss is greatly decreased by using these capsules. See mPrep/g Pipettor Kits (EMS85010-07 to EMS85010-10) and additional accessories.

EMS85010-04: mPrep/g Capsules in storage box, 16 capsules, 16 blank label sets

EMS85010-05: mPrep/g capsules, box, 96 screens, 96 label sets

Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 23-04-2024
EMS85010-04 mPrep/g grid processing capsules Capsules in storage Box Pack/16 See above $106.00 AUD
EMS85010-05 mPrep/g grid processing capsules Capsule storage Box Pack/96 See above $507.00 AUD