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Mini tool set A

Hardened tool steel tips, 1.5 mm (1/16") diameter, are easily sharpened or pointed.  5 piece set includes scribe, chisel, knife, triangular scraper and oval graver - each razor sharp. Hexagonal anodised aluminium handles, 140 mm (5.5") long.  Comes with a protective plastic case.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 30-05-2024
EMS62097-10 Mini tool set A Complete set Each See above $379.00 AUD
EMS62097-11 Mini tool set A Scriber Each See above $74.00 AUD
EMS62097-12 Mini tool set A Chisel Each See above $82.00 AUD
EMS62097-13 Mini tool set A Knife Each See above $82.00 AUD
EMS62097-14 Mini tool set A Triangular Each See above $82.00 AUD
EMS62097-15 Mini tool set A Oval graver Each See above $60.00 AUD