Microporous specimen capsule

Packs of disposable, solvent-resistant, small capsules. Useful in protecting fragile specimens during critical point drying and preserving the three-dimensional form for later SEM observation. 

Can also be used as storage vessels for specimens under desiccation or as a specimen holder in EM processing. 


  • 8mm x 6mm (h) (internal)
  • 13 x 15mm (h) (external) 
  • pore size  30um or 78um

Solvent- resistant to:

  • alcohol
  • propylene oxide
  • acetone
  • chloroform

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 01-07-2022
HL128 Microporous specimen capsule 30um pack/10 3 in stock $103.00 AUD
HL129 Microporous specimen capsule 78um pack/10 In Stock $59.00 AUD
HL130 Microporous specimen capsule 30um Pack/50 2 weeks $277.00 AUD