Hybridisation cover


These RNase free, hydrophobic covers will not trap or bind probes to their surface like glass coverslips. They allow for uniform distribution of probe reagent. HybriSlips remain flat. They will not curl even at high temperatures. For use: Apply forceps to remove the scored polyethylene liner to expose working surface. Lift the HybriSlip from the support liner and apply to specimen.
REMOVAL: Dip in buffer and allow HybriSlip to gently slide off.

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 28-06-2022
H582 Hybridisation cover 22 x 22mm pack/100 2 weeks $79.00 AUD
H583 Hybridisation cover 22 x 40mm pack/100 2 weeks $77.00 AUD
H584 Hybridisation cover 22 x 60mm pack/100 2 weeks $86.00 AUD