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Hi-Intensity UV Lamp

This UV lamps are designed to provide a 365nm wave beam with an average of 7000uW / cm2 at 15in (38.2 cm).  Its strong 100-watt light source fluoresces small particles and surface defects are hard to see. The lifespan of the light bulb is 2,000 hours. At 18in (45.7 cm), this lamp produces a highly intense UV irradiance core about 5in (12.5 cm) in diameter.  It provides the microscopist with a standard method in staining and polymerization, as well as many other applications related to UV lights in EM laboratories.

The head of the lamp rotates a complete 3600 and is fixed in a flexible pistol grip handle that is securely placed into the base of the transformer (as a stand); it only weighs 21⁄2 lbs. It comes with a black light philtre with a diameter of 5in (12.5 cm) which is recessed in the mouth.  If more specifics are required to research the issue, there is a second philtre available as an alternative to reduce the visible light. 

Overall cord length, driven by 115V, 60Hz, is 15 ft. (4.57 m).

Code Title Voltage Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 01-07-2022
EMS72414 Hi-Intensity UV Lamp 115V Each No ETA Quote only Quote
EMS72415 Hi-Intensity UV Lamp 220V Each No ETA Quote only Quote