Forensic collection kit w/plastic vial

All kits are ideal for field work and gunshot traces in or out of the lab.  Manufactured from a special approved aluminium alloy containing just small amounts of barium (~0.00010 percent), copper (~0.0139 percent), zinc (~0.0094 percent), nickel (~0.00309 percent) and antimony (~0.00080 percent).  For typical forensic sample studies, these sample mounts are suitable.  The package consists of 10 pin mounts (diameter 12.74 mm) with 10 carbon adhesive tabs, 10 storage vials and one plastic tweezer.

There are two types of glass vials and one in plastic.

Code Title Dimensions Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 08-08-2022
EMS76480-03 Forensic collection kit w/plastic vial 23.5mm Diam x 52.5mmH Each 2 weeks $107.00 AUD