EMS surgical tweezer

EMS is proud to introduce this new category of tweezers. They are all handcrafted to perfect tip symmetry and balance and the surface has an electropolish finish. With high precision fine tips and Dot Serrated handles for a perfect grip. All of these tweezers can be sterilised and they are all made from Inox. 

Style 1LUSO.S - OAL=120mm B=0.20mm C=0.12mm 

Style 2LUSO.S - OAL=120mm B=0.34mm C=0.14mm 

Style 3LUSO.S - OAL=120mm B=0.17mm C=0.10mm 

Style 4LUSO.S - OAL=110mm B=0.13mm C=0.08mm

Style 5ALUSO.S - OAL=115mm B=0.13mm C=0.08mm 

Style 5BLUSO.S - OAL=110mm B=0.10mm C=0.06mm 

Style 5LUSO.S - OAL=110mm B=0.10mm C=0.06mm 

Style 7LUSO.S - OAL115mm B=0.17mm C=0.10mm 

Style 27LUSO.S - OAL=135mm B=0.17mm C=0.10mm 

Style 65ALUO.S - OAL=140mm B=0.10mm C=0.06mm

Code Title Style Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-08-2022
EMS78920-01 EMS surgical tweezer 1LUSO.S Each 2 weeks $111.00 AUD
EMS78920-02 EMS surgical tweezer 2LUSO.S Each 2 weeks $111.00 AUD
EMS78920-03 EMS surgical tweezer 3LUSO.S Each 2 weeks $111.00 AUD
EMS78920-04 EMS surgical tweezer 4LUSO.S Each 2 weeks $119.00 AUD
EMS78920-05 EMS surgical tweezer 5ALUSO.S Each 2 weeks $123.00 AUD
EMS78920-06 EMS surgical tweezer 5BLUSO.S Each 2 weeks $127.00 AUD
EMS78920-07 EMS surgical tweezer 5LUSO.S Each 2 weeks $123.00 AUD
EMS78920-08 EMS surgical tweezer 7LUSO.S Each 2 weeks $127.00 AUD
EMS78920-09 EMS surgical tweezer 27LUSO.S Each 2 weeks $111.00 AUD
EMS78920-10 EMS surgical tweezer 65ALUSO.S Each 2 weeks $117.00 AUD