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Ehrlich's hematoxylin stain

Ehrlich's HematoxylinMallory (1938); Ehrlich (1886)NucleiReferences:Ehrlich, P., Biol. Centralbl., 6:214, 1886Mallory, F.B., Pathological Technique, W.B. Saunders Co Philadelphia, p 73, 1938Clark G., (ed.) Staining Procedures, 3rd edition, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, c. 1973, pp 33-34Luna, L.G., (Ed.), Manual of Histologic Staining Methods of the AFIP, 3rd ed, McGraw-Hill, NY, pp35 and 38, c 1968Technical Data SheetCodeDescriptionMSDSEMS26753-01Ehrlich'S Hematoxylin Solution
Code Title Type Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 19-05-2024
EMS26753-01 Ehrlich's hematoxylin stain Hematoxylin 500ml See above $160.00 AUD
EMS26753-03 Ehrlich's hematoxylin stain Sodium acetate 1% 500ml See above $68.00 AUD
EMS26753-3A Ehrlich's hematoxylin stain Ammonium water 0.3% 500ml See above $66.00 AUD
EMS26753-3B Ehrlich's hematoxylin stain Lithium carbonate 500ml See above $92.00 AUD