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Digital archival sleeves, COF

Our specially formulated 3-mil archival polypropylene has a physical density that is less than other sleeving materials, making it more pliable and gentle to your film. Strong and durable, PRO-LINE won't become brittle or abrade film. PRO-LINE sleeving is optically clear, neutral in colour, and has a unique anti-Newton ring surface that reduces distracting Newton ring as well as minimising the actual surface area that is in contact with your film. All sleeving is available in clear both sides and clear front with frosted back for even light distribution.


  • Protects inkjet & Thermal Prints from moisture, fingerprints, scratching, dirt etc.
  • Offers a Professional Presentation.
  • Allows Safe Viewing Through Crystal Clear Archival Sleeve.
  • Eliminates Prints from scratching each other during shipments.
  • Available in all Inkjet Format and Clear-Open Flap (COF) or Clear-Sealed Flap (CSF).
Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-05-2024
EMS73920-CO Digital archival sleeves, COF 298 x 419mm, A3 Pack/100 See above $219.00 AUD
EMS73921-CO Digital archival sleeves, COF 279 x 355mm Pack/100 See above $167.00 AUD
EMS73922-CO Digital archival sleeves, COF 279 x 431mm Pack/100 See above $216.00 AUD
EMS73923-CO Digital archival sleeves, COF 330 x 482mm, super B Pack/100 See above $281.00 AUD