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Diamond suspension, W/S

Glennel® Diamond Suspension assures a consistent, uniform viscosity and dispersion of diamond without any shaking or stirring. The proprietary formulation guarantees that the particles will stay suspended indefinitely. It is ideal for automatic polishers and applications that require changing operators.

A versatile, water based suspension designed for most production applications. This special formulation provides:

  • Excellent lubrication
  • Uniform fast lapping action
  • Maximum cutting action
  • Compatible with all common extenders.


All Diamond Suspensions are packed in 400g bottles and have Medium Concentration prepared with Premium Polycrystalline Diamond in either Propylene Glycol (Oil based) or Water based formulas.

Code Title Size Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 02-03-2024
EMS50372-11 Diamond suspension, W/S 0.1um 400g 2 weeks $150.00 AUD
EMS50372-21 Diamond suspension, W/S 0.25um 400g 2 weeks $125.00 AUD
EMS50372-31 Diamond suspension, W/S 0.5um 400g 2 weeks $125.00 AUD
EMS50372-41 Diamond suspension, W/S 1.0um 400g 2 weeks $123.00 AUD
EMS50372-61 Diamond suspension, W/S 3um 400g 2 weeks $150.00 AUD
EMS50372-71 Diamond suspension, W/S 6um 400g 2 weeks $164.00 AUD
EMS50372-81 Diamond suspension, W/S 9.0um 400g 2 weeks $198.00 AUD
EMS50372-91 Diamond suspension, W/S 15um 400g 2 weeks $205.00 AUD