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Custom ultra small kit EM

For customization of our Ultra-Small Kits we now have available a make it yourself kit where you get to choose the two vials of your Ultra-Small Reagent. Also supplied with the kit is 30 ml BSA-c™ and 30 ml SE-EM..

Store refrigerated 4-8°C

Benefits of Aurion US-Kits

For EM

  • For the most sensitive labeling in electron microscopy
  • For the penetration in ultra thin cryosections resulting in enhanced detectability and sensitivity
  • New possibilities for pre-embedding labeling
  • For the labeling of at least 330 on-grid-specimens

For LM

  • Premium reagents for penetration in hydrated sections (paraffin, cryostat) and in slightly fixed cells
  • Permanent, non-fading silver signal
  • Most sensitive reagents compatible with counterstaining
  • For the immunolabeling of 200 slides

For Immunoblotting

  • Highest sensitivity
  • Black to brown/black signal suited for low level detection where colored precipitates fail
  • For the immunogold labeling of 10-20 nitrocellulose immunoblot strips
Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-05-2022
EMS25550-06 Custom ultra small kit EM Kit 2 weeks $974.00 AUD