Conductive carbon tape in sheet form, 65mm (W )x 300mm (L)

EMS introduces this unique double sided carbon tape which is 260 microns in thickness. The base which is Polycarbonate and 200 microns thick has on both of its sides 30 microns of conductive glue giving it a total thickness of 260 microns. The tape has one transparent liner on one side and a white thicker one on the reverse which protects the tape in shipping.

Core Diameter: 3" (76mm)
Adhesive: Carbon Filled Acrylic Glue
Remover: Ethyl acetate, ethanol, isopropanol and or alcohol
Temperature: 60°C(140°F)-Maximum
Impurities: Cu, Si, Sb, S, Na, P, Fe and Mg*

These are considered to be small impurities but they may be present

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EMS77819-65 Conductive carbon tape in sheet form, 65mm (W )x 300mm (L) Each 2 weeks $70.00 AUD