Apiezon H high temperature vacuum grease (previously M013) (EMS)

Apiezon H is a relatively stiff grease which does not melt; rather, it becomes stiffer as temperature is increased. It is also a very tenacious grease with excellent cohesive strength. "Stiction" power makes this grease ideal for use with laboratory glassware and because of its excellent thermal conductivity it is also the perfect choice for the electronics industry where heat sink media require adhesion. Suitable for applications ranging in temperature from -10 deg. C to +240 deg. C. Optimum consistency is between 10 and 110 deg. C.
It is specifically recommended for sealing, including medium to high vacua - depending on temperature, and lubrication, but it is not suitable for highly stressed bearings.

Code Title Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 28-06-2022
M1-H-00025-X Apiezon H high temperature vacuum grease (previously M013) (EMS) 25g 2 weeks $220.00 AUD