Each rack can hold different size tubes in each slot.  It has open sides allow for label viewing and airflow. Flat base to hold tubes upright.

Available in solid or combination colors for application, end user or environment identification

Capacity 4 x 5ml to 50ml tubes (12mm to 30mm)
Dimensions 181 x 56 x 76mm
Colors Blue/Green, Blue/Yellow, Pink/White, Blue/Blue, White/White, Pink/Pink, Yellow/Yellow, Green/Green
Material Polypropylene

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Code Title Colour Pack Size Availability Price Updated: 20-05-2022
EMS61626-1 Adapt-A-Rack Blue/Green Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD
EMS61626-2 Adapt-A-Rack Blue/Yellow Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD
EMS61626-3 Adapt-A-Rack Pink/White Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD
EMS61626-4 Adapt-A-Rack Blue Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD
EMS61626-5 Adapt-A-Rack Green Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD
EMS61626-6 Adapt-A-Rack Pink Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD
EMS61626-7 Adapt-A-Rack White Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD
EMS61626-8 Adapt-A-Rack Yellow Pack/2 2 weeks $57.00 AUD